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Monopoly Sonic The Hedgehog Edition Pre-Order

Monopoly Sonic The Hedgehog Edition Pre-Order

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Embark on a thrilling journey through the iconic Sonic universe with Sonic the Hedgehog MONOPOLY! Race around the board as you trade beloved characters and vehicles from the Sonic series. Brace yourself for the Let's Get 'Em! and Gotta Go Fast! cards that shake up your game - whether they rocket you ahead or loop you into surprises!

Snatch up characters like Sonic, Shadow, and Dr. Eggman, vehicles such as the Dark Rider and Blue Star, plus the Egg Spring and the 1-UP. Each requires its due rent or presents chances to collect rings - there are no free passes in the Sonic realm! Purchase laboratories and high-tech facilities, adding a strategic twist to your character acquisitions! Watch out for the challenging Lost Rings! and Time Over! squares, demanding your rings and intensifying Sonic-style hurdles in a heart-pounding twist!

This special edition boasts six custom tokens inspired by Sonic's universe: wield Amy's Piko-Piko Hammer, harness the power of the Chaos Emerald, don Knuckles's Glove, pursue Rings, sprint in Sonic's Shoe, or take flight with Tails's Tails.

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