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Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII

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Final Fantasy VII, Boxed

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A struggle to determine the planet's future...

In Midgar, a city controlled by the mega-conglomerate Shinra, Inc., the number-one Mako Reactor has been blown up by a rebel group, AVALANCHE.

AVALANCHE was secretly formed to wage a rebellion against Shinra, Inc., an organisation which is absorbing Mako energy, destroying the natural resources of the planet. Cloud, a former member of Shinra's elite combat force, SOLDIER, was involved with the bombing of the Mako Reactor.

Can Cloud and AVALANCHE protect the planet from the huge, formidable enemy, Shinra, Inc.?

The Characters:

Cloud Strife

Cloud Strife is the main character in Final Fantasy VII. Originally a member of SOLDIER, he is now a mercenary who will take any job. After being hired by AVALANCHE he gradually gets caught up in a massive struggle for the life of the planet. His enormous sword can cut almost anything in two.

Aeris Gainsborough

Young, beautiful, and somewhat mysterious, Aeris met Cloud while selling flowers on the streets of Midgar. She decided to join him soon after. Her unusual abilities enable her to use magic, but she seems more interested in the deepening love triangle between herself, Cloud, and Tifa.

Tifa Lockheart

Bright and optimistic, Tifa always cheers up the others when they're down. But don't let her looks fool you, she can decimate almost any enemy with her fists. She is one of the main members of AVALANCHE. She and Cloud were childhood friends, and although she has strong feelings for him, she would never admit it.

Barrett Wallace

Head of AVALANCHE, Barrett is fighting the mega conglomerate Shinra, Inc. which has monopolised Mako energy, building special reactors to suck it out of the planet. Barrett depends on brute strength and his Gun Arm to see him through. His wife died in an accident several years ago, and he now lives with his daughter Marlene.


Just as his name implies, Red XIII is an animal with fire-red fur. But under his fierce exterior is an intelligence surpassing that of any human. His sharp claws and fangs make him good at close-range fighting, but other than that, not much is known about him. It's not even certain that Red XIII is his real name. A real enigma.

Cid Highwind

Cid Highwind is a tough-talking, warm-hearted old pilot who hasn't forgotten his dreams. There's no better pilot by air or sea. He believes someday he'll fly to the ends of the universe. With his handmade spear and knowledge of machinery, he throws himself into any attack regardless of the danger.

Yuffie Kisaragi

Although you'd never know if it you looked at her, Yuffie comes from a long line of Ninja. She forced herself into the group just to get a "certain something". She's sneaky, arrogant, and "way" selfish, but with her super shuriken and her special skills, there isn't anyone else you'd rather have on your side in a fight.

Cait Sith

Caith Sith rides around on the back of a huge stuffed Mog he magically brought to life. Megaphone in hand, he's always shouting orders and creating dopey attacks. When his slot machine attack works, the enemy lines look like an overturned toy box. His hobby is fortune telling, but like his personality, it's pretty unreliable.

Vincent Valentine

Vincent Valentine is a mystical man, stern and upright while at the same time dark and mysterious. His past connect with Shinra, Inc. is what made him join Cloud and the others. He may seem frail at first glance, but inside his body lurks a fearsome power.

**Game cases may have some cracks on front or back.

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