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Gauntlet Dark Legacy PS2

Gauntlet Dark Legacy PS2

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There's no denying that the craze for revamping retro video games is as popular as ever. Midway certainly aren't shy of taking a trip down Memory Lane, as they add yet another Atari coin-op classic to their release schedule. Already available for PS2 and XBox, Gauntlet Dark Legacy can now be played on everyone's favourite cube. Bearing slight similarities to the RPG genre, but without any of its real depth, Dark Legacy presents players with all the magic, spells and fantastical characters in a simple hack-and-slash experience. Featuring up to four players co-operatively, play begins with the selection of characters. Choosing from the usual array, such as wizard, dwarf, jester, knight, et cetera, players are then given the chance to customise their colour schemes, enabling easier identification during the game. Each character has various different skills and attributes on offer, so fairly balanced teams can be constructed in the multiplayer ventures. After that it's pretty much straight into the action, as players are faced with the relentless onslaught of re-spawning enemies, so typical of the Gauntlet brand. Throughout the game, there are a few puzzles thrown in to introduce an element of thought to the proceedings. Every so often it'll be time for a boss character, which, like in the old days, you've hopefully saved plenty of magic to use on. Repeat all that across various huge worlds, add power-ups, an all-new inventory system and plenty of hours of gameplay