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Hello Kitty: Big City Dream

Hello Kitty: Big City Dream

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Hello Kitty: Big City Dreams is a minigame-based adventure that follows Kitty in her recent move to the Big City where she will meet up with her old Sanrio pals like Badtz-Maru, Pochacco and My Melody and even make some new friends. Players can choose between two distinct modes - exploration and minigames. In the exploration mode, Kitty moves around her apartment, explores the Big City and interacts with the items and inhabitants she comes across. In the minigame mode, Kitty plays through a variety of games to earn friendship points that allow her to purchase costumes, ride the bus or train, and customise her apartment. Kitty will be very busy helping and playing with her friends, from trying to beat Kerropi's Arcade Hero score, to lending Tuxedosam a hand by serving customers in Restaurant Rush. Every girl knows something about fashion and when My Melody is in trouble, Kitty is more than willing to become an impromptu fashion assistant at her clothing store. After a long day out and about assisting friends in need, Kitty needs a stress-free night on the town, only to find her crush Daniel Star, at Destination: Dance. Well, it's not Sex in the City, but it's a start. Kitty's ultimate goal in the Big City is to move from her first-floor apartment, where the game starts, to her dream suite in the sky. It's up to players to help Kitty collect enough Friendship Points, by working and helping her friends, so she can make it all the way to the apartment of her dreams. The apartment complex has five floors, Which means plenty of gameplay for the young 'uns.