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Judge Dredd Dredd vs Death Xbox

Judge Dredd Dredd vs Death Xbox

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Judge Dredd: Dredd Vs. Death is an electrifying new story featuring the most popular characters from the long-running 2000 AD magazine, including the female Psi-Judge Anderson and the malign Dark Judges, and uses famous locations from the comic strips such as Resyk, the Smokatorium and the Grand Hall of Justice. The game uses the Asura Engine, a versatile 3D engine developed in-house by Rebellion, which offers a unique 'Graphic Novel' renderer, plus enhanced AI and Ragdoll Physics. The engine takes advantage of each platform's strengths and capabilities, as well as being scaleable on the PC. The entire game storyline is playable co-operatively with a friend, and there are a wide variety of 4-way split-screen multi-player games on all consoles. These include a number of frenetic new game-types that could only exist in the world of Judge Dredd, such as 'Block War' and 'Umpty Raid'. A wide range of multi-player options offer players the chance to customise their games within ten diverse and challenging multi-player maps. PC gamers will receive the same flexible multi-player options and environments, plus LAN and Internet play for up to 32 players!