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Paul Weller Wild Wood Vinyl Record

Paul Weller Wild Wood Vinyl Record

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‘Wild Wood’ is Paul Weller’s second solo album was released in September 1993. It reached #2 in the UK albums chart, and includes three of his biggest singles, ‘Wild Wood’ ‘Sunflower’ and ‘Hung Up’, as well as other classic tracks such as ‘Can you heal us (Holy Man)’ and ‘Has my fire really gone out?’.  

Track Listings

1. Sunflower [Paul Weller] 2. Can You Heal Us (Holy Man) [Paul Weller] 3. Wild Wood [Paul Weller] 4. Instrumental (Pt. 1) [Paul Weller] 5. All The Pictures On The Wall [Paul Weller] 6. Has My Fire Really Gone Out? [Paul Weller] 7. Country [Paul Weller] 8. Instrumental Two [Paul Weller] 9. 5th Season [Paul Weller] 10. The Weaver (Album Version) [Paul Weller] 11. Instrumental (Pt. 2) [Paul Weller] 12. Foot Of The Mountain [Paul Weller] 13. Shadow Of The Sun [Paul Weller] 14. Holy Man (Reprise) [Paul Weller] 15. Moon On Your Pyjamas [Paul Weller]

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