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Man on the Horse Music

Propagandhi Less Talk More Rock

Propagandhi Less Talk More Rock

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Track Title Duration
  1 Apparently, I'm a P.C. Facist 1.47 mins

2 Nailing Descartes to the Wall/(Liquid) Meat Is Still Murder 1.04 mins

3 Less Talk, More Rock 1.37 mins

4 Anchorless 1.39 mins

5 Rio De San Atlanta, Manitoba 0.39 mins

6 A Public Dis-service Announcement from Sh 1.26 mins
7 ..And We Thought That Nation-states Were a Bad Idea 2.24 mins

8 I Was a Pre-teen McCarthyist 2.33 mins

9 Resisting Tyrannical Government 2.15 mins

10 Gifts 2.03 mins

11 The Only Good Fascist Is a Very Dead Fascist 1.10 mins
12 A People's History of the World 2.21 mins

13 The State-lottery 2.13 mins

14 Refusing to Be a Man 2.40 mins
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