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Stargate SG-1 - Season 2 DVD

Stargate SG-1 - Season 2 DVD

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The complete second season of the popular space opera. In 'The Serpent's Lair' the SG-1 team find themselves trapped in a Goa'uld warship as it makes a deadly attack on Earth. 'In the Line of Duty' has Carter's body play host to a Goa'uld interloper. Can the parasite be vanquished without Carter also coming to harm? 'Prisoners' sees the SG-1 team falsely convicted of being accessories to murder and imprisoned in a draconian penal colony. 'The Gamekeeper' finds the team coerced into a bizarre virtual reality game, in which they are forced to relive the most significant moments of their lives. In 'Need' Jackson saves a beautiful princess' life, but in doing so causes the imprisonment of the rest of his team. 'Thor's Chariot' has the team forced to defend Cimmeria from a hostile attack, even though they themselves have knocked out the planet's defence systems. 'Message in a Bottle' sees O'Neill infected by an alien organism. 'Family' finds the SG-1 team embarking on a rescue mission when Teal'c's son Rya'c is kidnapped and ferried away to Chulak. In 'Secrets' the Stargate project is placed at risk by a reporter who threatens to reveal all regarding the secret portal. 'Bane' sees Teal'c mutate into a destructive monster after being stung by a giant insect. 'Spirits' has O'Neill sent to investigate when the SG-1 team are kidnapped on a planet populated by mystics and invisible spirits. 'The Tok'ra (Part 1)' finds Carter recruiting her ailing father for a mission to seek out the Goa'uld, unaware of the peril that lies in wait for them. In 'The Tok'ra (Part 2)' one of the Tok'ra is permitted to inhabit the body of Carter's dying father in order to save the race, just as the Gou'ald launch an attack. 'Touchstone' sees the SG-1 team accused of stealing a climate-controlling touchstone from the planet Madrona. 'A Matter of Time' has the Earth threatened by a powerful black hole. 'The Fifth Race' finds O'Neill's brain infiltrated by an intelligent force after he uses an alien viewing device. In 'Serpent's Song' the SG-1 team are offered a pact by their mortal enemy Apophis, who is on the run from the Gou'ald and in need of a new body. 'Holiday' sees Jackson forced into swapping his body with a dying alien intent on escaping to Earth. 'One False Step' has the SG-1 team accidentally cause an entire alien race to become infected with a deadly plague. 'Show and Tell' finds the SG-1 team tricked into assisting an invisible race who wish to destroy humanity. '1969' sees the Stargate team trying to avoid the bad acid, as well as a suspicious US military command, when they are transported back to America on the eve of Woodstock. Finally, 'Out of Mind' has O'Neill fooled into thinking that he has awoken from a lengthy spell in the cryogenic freezer, when in fact he has been kidnapped by the Goa'uld enemy.

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