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Stargate SG1 - Season 6 DVD

Stargate SG1 - Season 6 DVD

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Stargate SG1 - Season 6 Boxset (12) 6 Disc

The entire sixth season of this spin-off series. In 'Redemption Part 1' Anubis threatens SG-1 with a device that can be used to make one Stargate destroy another. 'Redemption Part 2' finds Teal'c preparing to take his son into battle against Anubis. 'Descent' has O'Neill inspect a captured Goa'uld mothership. 'Frozen' sees the team fall prey to disease when they discover a frozen woman during an inspection of the Antarctic gate. In 'Nightwalkers' Carter, Teal'c and Jonas discover a small-town's inhabitants are being experimented on. Whilst in 'Abyss' Jack is captured by the Goa'uld and repeatedly killed and then resurrected during his interrogations. Teal'c manages to cause a diversion so that Jack can escape. In 'Shadow Play' SG-1 Command find themselves involved in negotiations with various factors of the Kelownan government in return for N'quadria. Whilst in 'The Other Guys' SG-1 is taken captive while escorting a group of physicists...but did it really happen? In 'Allegiance' tensions mount on SG-C's Alpha site as it is overcrowded with Tok'ra and Jaffa refugees, and there is a saboteur amongst them. Whilst in 'Cure' the planet Pangera is discovered. However, the Pangerans are holding Egeria, a Gou'ald Queen, hostage - as the source of a medicine that will keep the Pangeran race alive - and the Tok'ra want her released because she is their founder. In 'Prometheus' a television crew manage to persuade their way into the SG-C looking for the Project Prometheus but all is not as it seems. Whilst in 'Unnatural Selection' Thor visits the team, who are still on the Prometheus, and tells them that an Asgard planet has been overrun by Replicators, and he needs the team's help. In 'Sight Unseen' when the team returns through the Gate, they bring with them a device which enables people to see strange bug-like creatures. This ability becomes contagious and the team have to find a way of stopping it before it gets out of control. In 'Smoke and Mirrors' Senator Kinsey is assassinated and all evidence points to O'Neill as the killer. The team discover that he has been set up... In 'Paradise Lost' Maybourne tells Jack of a planet that used to be inhabited by the Furlings and hosts a weapon, a key to which Maybourne holds. But Maybourne has another agenda and Jack gets caught up in it. 'Metamorphosis' sees the team working with the Russian SG team to bring Nirrti back after they discover a planet full of disfigured inhabitants. In 'Disclosure' the U.S. control of the stargate is challenged by China, France and the United Kingdom. 'Forsaken' has SG-1 encounter a colony of Celts on a far-off planet. 'The Changeling' sees Teal'c suffering from strange dreams. 'Memento' has the team visit a planet with an apparently inactive stargate. In 'Prophecy' SG-1 arrive on a unknown planet and are taken as the fulfilment of a thousand-year-old prophecy by the inhabitants. Finally, 'Full Circle' sees the team travel to Abydos in search of the Eye of Ra.

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